Celebrating twenty-one Years!

The Pawtucket Arts Festival celebrates the City’s creative and cultural life by presenting vibrant arts events throughout the month of September to Pawtucket residents and visitors to the Blackstone River Valley.  We collaborate with local and international producing partners to present dance, music, theatre, film, visual, and folk-traditional arts that evoke the City’s historic legacy and diverse communities.  This year was no exception.

We featured the resident arts talents of Chachi Carvalho, Aurea Ensemble, Gail Ahlers, the many artists of RHD-RI and XOS studios, just to name a few. We also welcomed international acts like Yang Wei of the ‘Silk Road Ensemble, the exquisite design of Chinese Dragon Boats, and the traditional performing arts of Taiwan - Taiwanese Traditional Folk Sports and Arts Performers.

More than 110 local individuals, organizations, businesses, and grant-making agencies contributed to the Pawtucket Arts Festival, increasing our ability to reach new audiences and to support the creation of new artworks.

Our continuous aim is to ensure a place for the arts in the Pawtucket of tomorrow. Because the arts are essential to vibrant lives, the 2019 Pawtucket Arts Festival will focus on education and public engagement that will amplify our impact and make the arts even more valued, more visible, and more deeply embedded in our communities and in our City.

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