FEstival Branding

The Pawtucket Arts Festival logo is the main visual brand identifier of the Pawtucket Arts Festival and must be displayed on all material such as posters, advertising and collateral material. The Pawtucket Arts Festival logo is designed in a unique colorful namestyle. The Pawtucket Arts Festival namestyle is not a typeface, it is specially created artwork. 

We have developed guidelines on how to use the Pawtucket Arts Festival’s logo to ensure that it is consistently applied wherever it is displayed. If you intend using the PAF logo, please ensure that you are familiar with the guidelines in the Brand Guide.








Adjust the size of the logo according to the size of the communication used. Avoid using multiple logo sizes within one printed piece. Do not use an old version of the Pawtucket Arts Festival logo. The new Pawtucket Arts Festival logo files can be downloaded by visiting www.pawtucketartsfestival.org/branding. Do not recreate the logo. Always enlarge and reduce the logo proportionally. The logo itself may not be reduced smaller than 0.65” in height.


The Pawtucket Arts Festival brand palette consists of three colors: light blue, light yellow, and light red. The Pawtucket Arts Festival also incorporates three accent colors: blue, yellow and red. Accent colors should be used sparingly.

Best practice is to use only the approved brand identity colors. Our colors have been carefully chosen to work well with our corporate palette. Please don’t sample colors. The ‘eye dropper’ or color sampling tool can be inaccurate on some programs. For best color reproduction, follow the numbers in the color guideline below.

Brand Colors.jpg



Acier and Neris are the Pawtucket Arts Festival typefaces. These font should be used in all material. Both Acier and Neris have a variety of weights that should be fully utilized, with the simple caution that clarity must be the deciding factor. The size of headlines, subheads, and body copy should be scaled in order of importance. All-caps type is used for all headlines an sub headlines. Upper and lowercase is standard for all body copy. When referring directly to the Pawtucket Arts Festival, Pawtucket Arts Festival performances, or Pawtucket Arts Festival participants, the name may be represented in all-caps.