Why We Give

Each year, the Pawtucket Arts Festival’s many remarkable arts events are made free to City residents and visitors through a commitment shared by the City of Pawtucket and a community of supporters.  Together, we help make Pawtucket a vibrant and culturally rich place where people want to live and work.

We are proud to be among the good company of more than 150 local individuals, institutions, and businesses who help us provide a regionally resonant festival that is accessible to all. Each sponsor supports the Pawtucket Arts Festival for reasons unique to what they love and value about this great City —so we’d like to share their reasons for giving in their own words:


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Meghan Kallman — City Councilor for Ward 5 — supports the Pawtucket Arts Festival because:

“I am a strong supporter of the arts, and I believe they make our community a richer and happier place. I believe that the Pawtucket Arts Festival provides something that nothing else in the city does: it provides a venue to showcase local talent, and to bring neighbors and community members together through a mutual love of beauty. As an artist and a musician myself, I have a deep personal appreciation for the transformative power of the arts—all of the arts—and I’m proud to be in a city that understands the role of festivals like PAF in helping shape our vision of the future and our values as a community.”

Kerri Vecoli —  City of Pawtucket Department of Planning and Redevelopment Secretary — supports the Pawtucket Arts Festival because:

As a lifelong Pawtucket resident, I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment with the success of our arts festival, which is now in its 20th year.  The month-long festival offers an amazing mix of music, dance, artisans, food and activities for my family and friends to enjoy.  The arts festival is not only a boon to our local businesses and economy, but it also creates a sense of unity among us. I always look forward to their events and enjoy the many sights, sounds and tastes of Pawtucket.”



Sidy Maiga —  Musician and member of Afrimanding, performers at 2017 Slater Park Fall Festival   — supports the Pawtucket Arts Festival because:

Typically, people travel to different cities, and even different countries to see an event matching the quality of the Pawtucket Arts Festival. So, having such a great festival right here in our own backyard in Pawtucket, Rhode Island is a blessing. The Festival always connects you with new friends and reconnects old ones. My favorite part is to see arts in all  forms, from music and painting to sculpture, food, clothing and jewelry. I am always honored to be part of such a beautiful event.”

Will you give?

It takes a community of support to make the Pawtucket Arts Festival happen each year. Meghan, Kerri, and Sidy give generously of their time, energy, and resources because they believe that the Pawtucket Arts Festival brings the City together in ways that only art can. Will you, too, join them in supporting the 2018 Pawtucket Arts Festival?

We know that support comes is all sorts of forms. Whether its $1 or $10,000, every contribution counts towards the creation of this meaningful celebration and presentation of our vibrant resident arts community.

Thank you from all of us!

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