Arts Panel Grant

Crossing Borders Exhibition, Pawtucket

Crossing Borders Exhibition, Pawtucket


Funding new artworks

The grant program strives to bring more, free programing available to the public at the Pawtucket Arts Festival. Since we want to make the month of September as special and celebratory of the arts in our city as possible, we are asking for applicants to submit artistic or musical performances to help to enhance the annual festival’s presence. Grants up to $ 1,000 are available (to support artistic performances, exhibitions, workshops and special events targeted to our diverse community and to bring visitors to the City).   

Grant awards are determined by the Pawtucket Arts Review Panel based on established criteria, including the project’s artistic merit, potential for cultural and community connections, and the project’s clarity and achievability. Emphasis is also placed on projects that are available at low or no cost to Pawtucket residents.  Successful applicants are reimbursed upon the completion of the project.                  

Applications for Arts Panel Grant Program can be obtained from the Department of Planning and Redevelopment, located on the first floor of Pawtucket City Hall, 137 Roosevelt Avenue or from the following link: Arts Panel Grant Application.  Applications are due at the Department of Planning and Redevelopment by 4:00 p.m., April 26, 2019.  For information, contact Jay Rosa at (401) 728-0500, Ext.450 or e-mail